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The Web site provides a free service-sharing flashes, phrases, images, games, messages and other (hereinafter, "Content").
Users can USA them on other sites for which it should copy the corresponding code and paste into websites, blogs, online communities or sites of relationship, so that other users viewing this Content.
The Web site is to publish content. Already shared on other sites on the Internet and offer free of charge to visitors who have as their object: the message sent in the form of sites in the relationship or for personal entertainment.
If you own (a) of any property of the copyrighted content and not to publish it, contact details via email: - your property will be effectively excluded, preserving their right.
No offer on our Web site content of nudity, sex, or that violates any other national and international laws.

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We resposabilisamos the Content or Web site ESPONSE be in other places such as forums, blogs, personal sites in frames or popup in third-party sites or information No oral or written advice given by a representative of the Web Site will be in a security .
You may have additional rights as a consumer, we have laws of their territories, that the contract can not change.

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The Web site reserves the right to remove or change any Content available on site at any time without prior notice.
The user should not modify the code provided by the Web Site and not use so that could harm other users.
The Web site does not share the following types of Content:
- Pornography or nudity
- Content that is intended to promote something that has commercial purpose.

What is the Web site? The Web site is a site that offers content for use on sites for entertainment or personal relationships.
The service is free? Yes, use the Content of the Web site you want as long as you do not change the content or violates the copyright.
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